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rawkit is currently unmaintained. Code is provided as-is but no guarantee of support is provided, and there is no guarantee that patches will be merged or reviewed.

rawkit is a ctypes-based set of LibRaw bindings for Python inspired by Wand. It is licensed under the MIT License.

from rawkit.raw import Raw
from rawkit.options import WhiteBalance

with Raw(filename='some/raw/image.CR2') as raw:
  raw.options.white_balance = WhiteBalance(camera=False, auto=True)


  • Python
    • CPython 2.7+
    • CPython 3.5+
    • PyPy 2.5+
    • PyPy3 2.4+
  • LibRaw
    • LibRaw 0.16.x
    • LibRaw 0.17.x
    • LibRaw 0.18.x
    • LibRaw 0.19.x

Installing rawkit

First, you’ll need to install LibRaw:

Now you can fetch rawkit from PyPi:

$ pip install rawkit

Architecture and Design

API Reference

The rawkit package provides two modules: rawkit and libraw. The rawkit module provides a high-level Pythonic interface for developing raw photos, while the libraw module provides a CTypes based interface for interacting with the low-level LibRaw C APIs. Most of the time, developers will want to use the rawkit module instead of using libraw directly.

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